Special knowledge and skills guide training in dangerous game areas


As a professional guide or hunter you should strive to guide you clients safely while walking in the areas where dangerous game occur. It is therefore of vital importance that you prepare yourself sufficiently to be able to handle a situation with a potentially dangerous animal. By preparing yourself with certain techniques you are able to provide your client with a professional guiding experience.

The following aspects are dealt with during Colin Patrick training specialist training

Advanced rifle handling pertaining to a DG guide where the following subjects are dealt with

  • Advanced rifle handling techniques

  • Animal charge training using rifle handling techniques under pressure

  • Advanced simulated charge scenarios

  • Jungle Lane training and preparation

  • Shot placement training

  • 1st Rifle and 2nd Rifle shooting techniques and procedures

Practical guiding in a Dangerous game area

  • Backpack /wilderness guiding

  • Tracking and approaching Dangerous game on foot

  • Wilderness principles

Please contact us to enquire about prices and dates for Specialist Guide Training Courses - colinpatrick.training@gmail.com - cell no: +27 (0)76 8133475

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"I have been extremely lucky to have taken part in several courses run by Colin. From Bush Ranger to track and sign training I have always admired not only his gift for teaching but also his willingness to learn from others. Colin seems to have a thirst for knowledge and his enthusiasm to get others involved within the course subject creates an energy amongst the group. If anyone is thinking of taking training in Track and Sign or any other of Colin's courses then I would simply say do it. I look forward to training more with the man that many regard as one of the best.'' - Alex Jackson, UK



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