Training Products


Colin Patrick Training has a number of training related products that help enhance one's learning process.


~ The charge box


The "Charge Box" designed by Colin Patrick Training has been developed to simulate a real animal charge.

The following characteristics make it an extremely effective tool in advanced rifle training and quick shooting exercises

  •   The speed of charge is approx 8m per sec

  •   The sled can be stopped and started during operation to simulate a real charge scenario (e.g. Lion charge)

  •   Various targets can be mounted to the sled

  •   The sled can be pulled in various directions e.g. backwards to simulate a anchor shot exercise or a direct charge scenario

  •   The charge box can be operated from a distance using the on/off extension cable

  •   The charge box is operated  by a medium sized 12v battery insuring it can be used in various locations.

  •   The charge box is quick to setup and operate

The charge box includes the following

  •   Motor with pulley system

  •   Heavy duty sled with multiple attachments for targets

  •   30 m nylon rope

  •   Safety tyre with rope guide

  •   Directional pulley

  •   attachment pegs

  •   5m on/off extension cable

  •   excludes 12v battery (medium sized e.g. 622 is recommended)

The charge box is a must for any organisation or individual who is serious about preparing themselves for potential dangerous situations.

Please note that a copyright exists on the  "Charge Box" and associated products


~ Target posters

The targets are designed and printed "Life size" that gives a true impression of a charging animal.

They can be cut out and used for jungle lanes and other related exercises.

The brain and hit zones are indicated with fine lines and hit zone (brain) is off line.

We have a Lioness charge; Buffalo charge; Hippo Charge; Hippo rear available. These target posters are endorsed by Field Guides Association of South Africa (FGASA)


~ Training DVD


A 3.5 hour, 3 DVD set designed to get you familiar with your guiding rifle and the exercises needed to pass your FGASA (ARH) assessment. Many of South Africa’s Scout level guides incl. Adriaan Louw, Colin Patrick and Robert Bryden demonstrate advanced rifle handling techniques and show you what you will be assessed against, as well as hosting chapters designed to truly expand you knowledge or firearms in a Field Guiding context


Please contact us to enquire about prices and more information - - cell no: +27 (0)76 8133475


"I can recommend Colin as trainer wholeheartedly with his remarkable knowledge and Training style" - Ria Maritz, Quemic Security


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